GOTV Buses

GOTV Buses are readying for the final stretch !  Let’s make this happen !!! Reserve for your GOTV Buses for Saturday, Sunday or Election Day Vote Blue 2018 Buses  This Saturday, November 3rd, get out the vote for Antonio Delgado (NY 19) & Mikie Sherrill (NJ 11): This Sunday November 4th, get out the vote for Liubba Gretchen-Shirley (NY 2) & Andy Kim (NJ 3): *ELECTION DAY, November 6th, get out the vote for Antonio Delgado (NY 19) and Liuba Grechen Shirley (NY2): . *Absentee Ballots are accepted IN PERSON through Nov 5th.  Here’s the link to the form, and/or just vote at the […]

Let’s Give Andy Kim the BLUE WAVE

Get On A Bus October 20th to Tip the Scales for Andy Kim in New Jersey There are only 23 days left before the November 6th mid-term elections.  A blue Congress has never been more crucial.  And, at the top of our list is Andy Kim in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. The Saturday, October 20th Vote Blue 2018 bus to NJ 3 (Andy Kim) is less than half  full.  We will not flip Congress with only NY congress members. NJ 3 is about an hour and a half from New York. Please sign up now. Door to door canvassing is the most effective way […]