Aug 272018
UPDATE:  Resolution Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

VID Goes on Record Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy At the July Membership Meeting VID introduced and passed a resolution against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy calling upon the Democratic leadership to enable seven steps for correction. The resolution (below) was revised in August, 2018, and is for distribution. Whereas the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy has created an immigration and human rights catastrophe on our southern border, causing the separation and detention of families and children in inhumane and substandard conditions, Whereas the ACLU has filed lawsuits alleging that children have been housed in cages with insufficient medical care and subpar food, often in chilly “ice boxes” without sweaters and subject to abuse and forced psychotropic drugs, Whereas there have been numerous allegations of physical and sexual abuse by children and adults who are being detained, Whereas these detentions can have a lasting traumatic effect on children, according to Dr. […]