Sep 252012

Here’s a picture of the volunteers and collaborating organizers in front of the OFA office in Bethlehem at the end of the day before getting back on the bus to NYC, Courtesy of the Manhattan Young Democrats

Over the past two Saturdays canvassers from the VID buses in Bethlehem and Nazareth, Pennsylvania, knocked on 6,514 doors, had 1,787 conversations with voters, registered over 200 people and secured 722 signed commit to vote cards from Obama supporters. That’s the way you win elections.

VID president, Jonathan Geballe, and VID co-campaign chair, and bus captain for life, Peter Crosta have made both Saturday trips, joined last Saturday by VID co-campaign chair Tony Hoffmann. The energy and bonding with fellow NYC Democrats on board the bus is contagious and the welcome from our PA neighbors is warm and generous. We were met by Obama volunteers who opened their homes to all of us New Yorkers (from VID and all the clubs we organized) and served breakfast and lunch. The voters were (mostly) super friendly. President Obama has lots of support in the Lehigh Valley (he received 73% of the Bethlehem vote in 2008). Our job is to make sure the Democrats get out and vote, and secure this crucial battleground state. We ask staunch Obama supporters to sign a voter commitment card which is mailed back to the voter before the election — the most effective way to mobilize voters.

Much credit goes to those who are organizing and facilitating this operation. It has been a team effort. Primary kudos go to Yayoi Tsuchitani who organized the entire effort-from securing commitments and money from various local organizations, to recruiting volunteers, to renting buses at super low rates to raising money to subsidize the buses-Yayoi has done it all. Working with Yayoi are Nadine Hoffman, the person who keeps track of all bus registrants and tabler extraordinaire; Celia Wu, Georgina Christ, and Yayoi-the other tabler extraordinaires (they’ve raised over $500 in just two weeks); Yayoi and District Leader Keen Berger the master chefs who have baked a zillion cookies and cakes that are selling like hot cakes; bus captain Peter Crosta and future bus captain Marti Speranza; and finally Tony and Nadine Hoffmann whose September fundraiser pulled in over $2000 for the canvassing effort. VID can be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Jonathan, Peter and I would love to have other VID’ers accompany us on the bus. We leave every Saturday at 8:30 AM (arrive by 8:00 to check in) from in front of Babies R’ Us which is located between 15th & 16th Streets on the east side of Union Square Park. The buses return by about 7:00 p.m. To register you can email Nadine Hoffman at or call VID at 212-741-2994 and leave a message. Please join us and be part of the Obama campaign. Looking forward to seeing you.

Tony Hoffmann

Co-Campaign Chair
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Sep 142012

Obama-BidenWe are among several NYC Democratic clubs*  working together to send bus loads of volunteers to canvass and support President Obama’s campaign in the Leigh Valley in PA. an area that has been hit hard by the Great Recession and the loss of manufacturing jobs. The economic downturn has left boarded up houses and created a transient populace. With the coordination of ACT NOW we will register voters, explain the new voter registration laws and canvass.

The fare for the bus has been lowered to $10 thanks to our fund-raising efforts, BUT… if you are a student, or on a limited income, your enthusiasm is enough.

Here’s the schedule:
September 15, one bus
September 22, 29, two buses on each Saturday
October 6, two buses (US Coachways)
October 13, 20 two buses
October 27, three buses
November 3, three buses
November 6, two buses

The buses will depart (loading at 8:00am, depart 8:30 sharp) from and return (to NYC about 8pm) to Union Sq & 14th St in front of Babies R Us. The police dept was very helpful back in 2008 and are agreeable to our plans this year.

Call the VID phone number : (212) 741-2994 and leave a message.
OR e-mail, Nadine Hoffman is taking reservations

ACT NOW, Chelsea Reform Democrats, Downtown Independent Democrats, Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats, Greater New York City for Change, Lower Manhattan Democrats, Manhattan Young Democrats, NYU Law Democrats, the Samuel L. Tilden Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats, and Village Independent Democrats.

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Aug 292012

Tony and Nadine Hoffmann

VID is the lead organizer for a collection of our sister downtown clubs for Saturday bus trips to Pennsylvania to assist the Obama campaign in taking this crucial battleground state. The campaign trips will be taking place each Saturday beginning September 15.

To lower the cost of the individual rider contributions per trip from $25 to $10, VID will be doing some extra fundraising. (Other clubs will be helping out, too.)
Tony and Nadine Hoffmann are opening their home to an Obama Watch Party and Fundraiser on Thursday, September 6 — come see our President accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for a second term, and lead the way to another four years of Democratic leadership in the White House. Your contributions to our Pennsylvania bus trip canvassing effort are needed and welcome. We are a blue-rich state here in New York, let’s help out our fellow Dems in neighboring PA.
Location: Tony & Nadine Hoffmann, 100 Bank Street, Apt. 3D
Date: September 6, 2012
Time: 830 p.m. until ….
Light refreshments
Fundraising contributions accepted
Obama Watch Party and Fundraiser— print this out and send to your Dem friends who can help out with the fundraising.
Special thanks go to our Campaign Committee for this effort, and especially to Yayoi Tsuchitani, with substantial help from Tony Hoffmann, Nadine Hoffmann, Peter Crosta, new member Marti Speranza and Keen Berger.
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Mar 232012
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, VID endorsed

The Village Independent Democrats held its Candidate Forum and Endorsement Meeting on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at Greenwich House. The Forum was held in conjunction with Downtown Independent Democrats and was co-chaired by DID President Jeanne Wilcke and VID President Jonathan Geballe. There was an impressive turnout of candidates, including candidates for Civil Court and Surrogate’s Court.

We were pleased to hear from Congressman Jerry Nadler, State Senator Tom Duane and Assemblymember Deborah Glick, among many others. Sean Gavin appeared for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and we also heard from Scott Noren, M.D., who is running for NY State Senator as an Independent Democrat, but who is not a candidate in the primary.


Congressmember Carolyn Maloney

US Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, VID endorsed

Because we shared the forum with DID certain candidates outside our district also appeared or were represented: Councilmember Rosie Mendez appeared to speak on behalf of Congressmember Nydia Velazquez, Congressmember Carolyn Maloney was represented, State Senator Daniel Squadron was represented, and State Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh appeared, along with Rachel Lavine and Arthur Schwartz from the NY Democratic State Committee.

After the forum, VID endorsed the following – please note the three primary election dates for these candidates:

President: Barack Obama  – The Presidential Primary Election is on April 24,2012; the last day to register for this primary is March 30,2012


US Congressmember Jerrold Nadler

US Congressmember Jerrold Nadler, VID endorsed

The Federal Candidate Primary is on  June 26, 2012; the last day to register to vote in this primary is  June 1, 2012
US Senator: Kirsten Gillibrand
Congressmember: Carolyn Maloney
Congressmember: Jerrold Nadler


The New York State Democratic Candidate Primary is September 11, 2012; the last day to register to vote in this primary is August 17, 2012
NY State Senator: Tom Duane
NY State Assemblymember: Deborah Glick
NY Democratic State Committeeperson: Rachel Lavine
Judicial Candidate: Rita Mella (Surrogate’s Court)
Judicial Candidates: Verna Saunders and Melissa Crane (Civil Court, Countywide)
Judicial Candidate: Debra Rose Samuels (Civil Court, 2nd District)

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