Jul 172016

VID has endorsed a letter asking President Obama to veto the current GMO Labeling bill.

After years of bitter debate and legislative stalemate over the labeling of genetically modified ingredients, a compromise proposal sailed through Congress in breathtaking speed over the past three weeks.

Within a few years, consumers will be able to find out whether any food in the supermarket contains GMO ingredients. But they won’t necessarily see that information on the package. Instead, consumers may have to scan a “QR code” — those little square codes that you see on airline boarding passes — to get that information.

Dan Charles, All things Considered, NPR July 14, 2014

GMO-LABELING_VermontAccording to  EcoWatch,    “The bill would also nullify state-by-state GMO labeling mandates such as Vermont’s landmark law that took effect on July 1.”  They also report that:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also expressed concern that the Roberts-Stabenow bill is ridden with loopholes. In its technical comments, the FDA pointed out that the bill has a narrow and ambiguous definition of “bioengineering” that would exempt many foods from GMO sources.

The VID letter, signed by VID President, Nadine Hoffman states:

While we welcome the establishment of the first mandatory federal labeling requirement to help consumers know whether their food contains genetically modified ingredients, the mandate will not be as effective as it could and should be.  In fact, the bill will nullify a stronger measure just recently implemented by Vermont that ensures that labels are comprehensive and written in easy-to-understand English.

You can read the whole plea for veto to President Obama here.

A New York Times article of July 14th verifies consumer reactions which could force packagers to be more forthright regardless of the legislation:

The federal law renders Vermont’s law and other state labeling laws null and void, but companies will have to weigh the expense of taking text off labels, not to mention the risk of irritating consumers interested in increasing transparency about the foods they eat. A survey of more than 1,500 consumers by Label Insight, a research firm whose clients include major food companies and grocery businesses, found that 37 percent of consumers said they would be willing to switch brands if another brand shared more detailed product information.

According to The White House website, the most efficient way to express your opinion to The President is electronically.  Here’s the address for submitting your comments: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

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Oct 172012

Peter Crosta and Tony Hoffmann, Co-Chairs, Election 2012

The canvassing effort for Obama in Pennsylvania continues with our busloads of canvassers arriving each Saturday in Easton, Nazareth, Bethlehem and environs to rouse the Dems and Indies to go to the polls on November 6 and vote for the President.  Nadine Hoffmann, Peter Crosta, Marti Speranza, Tony Hoffmann, Jonathan Geballe have all organized this effort, along with Act Now and Greater NYC for Change, pulling together a myriad of downtown clubs — and all under the wing of organizer-in-chief Yayoi Tsuchitani. October 13 we were blessed with a sunny day which almost became warm, and we were joined by a busload of Manhattan Young Democrats. And many, many Obama supporters greeted us at the doorways. Nothing beats a warm smile of solidarity.

Except maybe the homemade chili and moist, savory, just-baked cornbread served for lunch to all the canvassers at the Easton Obama branch office.

Marti Speranza and Peter Crosta pictured at right, check-in  at Easton campaign office.

Please join us on the remaining pre-election Saturdays in cavassing for Obama i  Pennsylvania: October 20, October 27, November 3. Buses leave at 8:00 a.m., 15th Street, east side of Union Sq. Return at 7:00 p.m. $10 contribution. The agenda is canvass for 2 hours, stop for lunch (provided by the campaign) and then 2 more hours of door-knocking, and then the ride home. Reserve your seat at buslady17@gmail.com (reservations required).

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Oct 172012


VID Takes to the Streets_web

Celia Wu, Frieda Bradlow and Georgina Christ shown here. Other members manning the table included Ellen Peterson, Katharine Wolpe, Alec Pruchnicki, Deley Gazinelli, Nadine Hoffmann, and Tony Hoffmann

If you were strolling along Greenwich Avenue on sunny Saturday, October 13th, you saw how VID takes to the streets (or avenue) as an energized and vocal team registering voters, telling the news about our PA canvassing efforts, and taking donations for buttons, cookies and cakes.

Strollers dropped by to purchase Obama buttons to wear proudly upon their return to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Brooklyn.  All of them were rooting for President Obama.  A typical refrain from overseas tourists was, “It would be a disaster for multilaterism if Romney were elected President.”

Celia Wu, Ellen Peterson, Katharine Wolpe, Frieda Bradlow, Alec Pruchnicki, Deley Gazinelli, Nadine Hoffmann, and Tony Hoffmann staffed the table and hawked our wares throughout the day. Georgina Christ brought her beautiful hats to contribute to the cause and Yayoi Tsuchitani and Keen Berger donated their home baked cakes, brownies and cookies to the delight of all.

In addition to signing up a new VID member, our team registered a few people for next year’s election (unfortunately, October 12th was this year’s deadline), sold $520 worth of buttons, cookies and cakes, campaigned seriously for the Obama/Biden ticket, pushed VID’s Pennsylvania campaign, enhanced VID’s visibility, and got to meet a lot of very nice people. A great day for VID.

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Oct 012012
District Leader Keen Berger Opens Home for Presidential Debate

Keen Berger, here with Brad Hoylman, opens her home to Presidential Debate viewing party, Wednesday Oct. 3rd.

VID members and friends are invited to District Leader Keen Berger’s home at 130 Jane St, 1C, to watch the first presidential debate, Wednesday, Oct 3 at 8:30 p.m.  See the whole schedule here.

Light refreshments. Contributions of edibles or drinkables are welcome. Minimal heckling of Mittens is permitted but throwing fruit and shoes at the screen is discouraged.

Thank you, Keen, for opening your home for this event.


PS:  Don’t forget the next VID General Meeting will be on Thursday, October 11, at St. John’s Lutheran Church at 83 Christopher St (just east of 7th Ave), 7:30 p.m.  We’ll post the agenda next week.

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