Mar 112013

On Thursday, March 14 Village Independent Democrats examine the Devilish Details of Immigration Reform – UPDATE: March 14, 2013 Minutes

with panelists Rev. Donna Schapper of Judson Church and Emily Arsenault, Senator Gillibrand’s regional director and past campaign chair for New York State Attorney General Eric  Schneiderman.  Moderating the panel will be Keen Berger, District Leader for the 66th NYS Assembly District, Part A.

Among the devilish details to be explored are whether this will be the year that a comprehensive immigration reform package will be realized.  What can be done to make the legislation fair; should judges consider community support; will securing boarders trump the path to citizenship; can legislation include equal protection for LGBT immigrants;  do citizen children need both parents?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight on one of this year’s hottest political potatoes.  The Village Independent Democrats welcome public participation in this item on their general meeting agenda.
Thursday, March 14 at 7:oo p.m.
St. John’s Lutheran Church
83 Christopher Street
Don’t forget to make your reservation for VID’s Annual Awards Reception on May 2nd.  You can get the details on our Special Events page.
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Mar 042012

In a lengthy article written by Lincoln Anderson, The Villager’s March 1st issue detailed Minister Michael Ellick’s update on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Speaking to the Village Independent Democrats recently, Minister Michael Ellick of Judson Memorial Church was happy to inform them that Occupy Wall Street is alive and well, though admittedly with a lower profile these last few months.

In fact, he assured them, the 99 percent movement will soon return in a big way with demonstrations and events that will, once again, make the whole world stand up and take notice.  You can read the whole article here…

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Feb 132012
Feb 11 Rally at Judson Church

Assemblymember Deborah Glick, with VID President Jonathan Geballe and Executive Committee Member Ellen Peterson-Lewis

On Saturday, February 11, VID put together a solid group of supporters for the Rally Opposing the NYU2031 Plan, NYU’s aggressive, tower-heavy 20-year construction proposal to jam our low-rise community with structures of inappropriate size, height and bulk (including a huge hotel), which will mean the takeover of public space and the influx of a concentration of more thousands of students, staff and faculty.

Seen at the rally were Jonathan Geballe and Ellen Peterson-Lewis, pictured with rally organizer Assemblymember Deborah Glick, on the steps of Judson Church, along with :  Nat Johnson and Anne Heaney, Sharon Woolums, Mary Petretti, Katharine Wolpe, Laura Morrison, Jo Hamilton and our District Leader/CB2 Chair Brad Hoylman who energized the rally-goers with an electrifying speech and threw in a shout out to VID (thanks, Brad).

A huzzah to those VIDers who braved the cold to join several hundred other Villagers in this battle to Save the Village.  Look for an article in this week’s Villager.

In a follow-up e-mail, Assemblymember Glick suggested the following as recommended recipients of letters:

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer
1 Centre Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10007
The Borough President makes a recommendation, not a binding vote.

Chair Amanda Burden
Chair of the City Planning Commission
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007
The Chair votes when City Planning reviews the application.  There are 12 other members of the City Planning Commission who also vote on the application. Letters to each member of the Commission is also advisable. The list of all members can be found at:, then clicking on the “about us” followed by “city planning commission.

Councilmember Margaret Chin
Chatham Green
165 Park Row, Suite #11
New York, NY 10038
The Councilmember represents the area of proposed development. She votes when City Council votes.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn
224 West 30th St, Suite 1206
New York, NY 10001
Speaker Quinn’s district is just a few blocks away so many constituents in the community-at-large are Speaker Quinn’s constituents. Additionally, as Speaker, she has influence over the Council. She votes when City Council Votes.

FOX News covered the event as did CBS Local blog and

UPDATE:  The Villager, March 1st,  CB2 votes unanimous No on NYU’s superblocks plan.

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Jan 302012


Minister Michael Ellick

Village Independent Democrats February General Meeting will be held on Feb. 9th at 7:30 p.m. ,  at St John’s Lutheran Church, 83 Christopher Street (betw Bleecker and West 4th Streets).

Our speaker will be Minister Michael Ellick of Judson Church.  He will be introduced by District Leader Keen Berger.  His subject will include Occupy Wall Street, its relationship with Judson Church and the progressive religious community, and its future.

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