Feb 162018
VID Supports Legal Status for Ravi Ragbir

At the February 8th General Meeting VID voted unanimously to support legal status for Ravi Ragbir, as introduced by District Leader Keen Berger.  Many VID Members participated in a rally on his behalf on Jan. 25th.  Following is the resolution supporting Ravi Ragbir which can also be downloaded here. VID RESOLUTION SUPPORTING HR4937 FOR PERMANENT LEGAL STATUS FOR RAVI RAGBIR February 8, 2018 WHEREAS Ravi Ragbir was convicted of wire fraud 18 years ago, served time, and paid his “debt to society”; WHEREAS he was a legal immigrant with a green card which was negated because of his conviction, WHEREAS he has gone to every check-in and otherwise complied with e everything required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as married and become an exemplary member of the community, and WHEREAS Ravi was without notice detained, jailed and sent to Florida to be deported, without a fair hearing, […]

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