Jul 172016
GMO Labeling

VID has endorsed a letter asking President Obama to veto the current GMO Labeling bill. After years of bitter debate and legislative stalemate over the labeling of genetically modified ingredients, a compromise proposal sailed through Congress in breathtaking speed over the past three weeks. Within a few years, consumers will be able to find out whether any food in the supermarket contains GMO ingredients. But they won’t necessarily see that information on the package. Instead, consumers may have to scan a “QR code” — those little square codes that you see on airline boarding passes — to get that information. Dan Charles, All things Considered, NPR July 14, 2014 According to  EcoWatch,    “The bill would also nullify state-by-state GMO labeling mandates such as Vermont’s landmark law that took effect on July 1.”  They also report that: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also expressed concern that the […]

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