Apr 232013
VID Celebrated Earthday

District Leader Jonathan Geballe and VID member Celia Wu leading Earth Day protest against Hydro-Fracking.

VID Celebrated Earth Day on April 20th at the Bleecker St. Playground with particular focus on the issue of hydro-fracking.

District Leader Jonathan Geballe was front and center talking with local families and residents who share concern for New York State and New York City regarding this ever-pending development.    See the pictures.

Late last year Jonathan, on a pro bono basis, joined several attorneys in a lawsuit opposing the Spectra Pipeline. VID as a club, and Nat Johnson and Anne Heaney, as individuals, are petitioners in a lawsuit   regarding the Spectra pipeline that will cross the Hudson into the West Village.  An appeal of the New York Supreme Court’s decision is underway.

The Earth Day demonstration was held in front of the Bleecker Street Playground to symbolize that we must save our planet for our children. Numerous VID’ers, community activists, State Senator Brad Hoylman, and a number of candidates for local offices participated in the rally.  Signatures were collected for a letter to Governor Cuomo to urge him to ban hydro-fracking in New York State. The rally was organized by VID member Georgina Christ for the Village Independent Democrats.

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Mar 292013

The April General Membership, Candidate Forum & Endorsement Meeting

 held on Thursday, April 11th at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 83 Christopher Street,  at 7:00 PM and will include a candidate forum for City Council Districts 1,2, and 3 as well as for the NYC offices of Comptroller and District Attorney.

The agenda is:

1.  District Leaders Reports– Keen Berger, Jonathan Geballe
2.  Endorsements.  (VID members are qualified to vote at this endorsement meeting if they became a member of VID on or before Friday, January 11, 2013).

  • City Council 3rd District
  • City Council 1st District
  • City Council 2nd District
  • NYC Comptroller
  • District Attorney – New York County

​3.  Report of Committee Chairs

5.  Resolutions

  • Resolution in Favor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform- Keen Berger

6.  New Business

Information on Voting and Election Procedures
Please arrive early to check in and to receive your ballots

Below are selected excerpts from the VID Constitution

NOMINATIONS:  “Nomination for all elective positions shall be made from the floor at the meeting at which the election is to be held.”  VID Constitution, Article VII.
MEMBERS ENTITLED TO VOTE:  “All members in good standing who shall have been members in good standing as of 90 days preceding the meeting date (including the date of joining and excluding the date of the meeting) are entitled to vote.”  VID Constitution, Article VIII.
  1. “Any eligible person may become a sustaining member in good standing on payment of the annual dues prescribed for such members in this Article.”  VID Constitution, Article III
  2. “A member in default of dues for one year or less may cure this default by paying both overdue and current dues, and on such payment the member shall regain all rights and privileges of membership.”  VID Constitution, Article III.
  1. Each candidate for City Council has up to five minutes to speak
  2. Each candidate for NYC Comptroller and District Attorney has up to three minutes to speak
  3. VID members can speak for up to three minutes on behalf of each candidate
  4. Each candidate will take up to six minutes of questions
  1. There will be three vote counters, appointed by the President, in consultation with the membership.
  2. Voting is by secret ballot.
  3. Qualified members must be present to vote.
  4. In order for a nominee to be endorsed by the VID he/she must receive a majority of ballots cast.  Anytime no endorsement receives a majority of votes cast then no endorsement is the position of VID.
  5. If no candidate receives a majority of ballots cast on the initial vote then there will be one more ballot and the second ballot will contain the names of the two nominated candidates with the most votes.  No endorsement is always on the ballot.  If no candidate receives a majority of ballots cast, or no endorsement receives a majority of ballots cast, then no endorsement is the position of VID.
  6. Balloting will occur each time all candidates for a given position have spoken.  At 9:00 PM the ballot box will be opened for all positions that have not been voted on yet.
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Mar 182013
VID Endorsements

Keen Berger and Jonathan Geballe, endorsed candidates for Female and Male District Leader, NYS 66th AD, Part A

VID Endorsements

On Thursday, March 15, 2013, the Village Independent Democrats voted to endorse Keen Berger and Jonathan Geballe for 66th Assembly District Leaders, Part A (Female & Male) for the 2013 Democratic Primary.  Keen Berger, the incumbent for 66th AD (Female) was unopposed.  Jonathan Geballe, who had been previously elected by the County Committee to complete the remainder of the term vacated by State Senator Brad Hoyman, was endorsed for the 66th AD (Male) post.

VID also elected the following persons to fill the role of Judicial Delegate or Alternate Judicial Delegate, as needed, representing VID:

Judicial Delegates

Peter Crosta
David Kruger
Nat Johnson

Alternate Judicial Delegates

Nadine Hoffmann
Marti Speranza
Georgina Christ
Maia Gottesfeld
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Mar 032013

Our March 2013 General Meeting will also include a Forum on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  It will be held on March 14th at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 83 Christopher Street,  at 7:00 PM.

The agenda will include:

1.  District Leaders Reports– Keen Berger, Jonathan Geballe
2.  Forum– Comprehensive Immigration Reform: The Devilish Details
Facilitator-Keen Berger with Panelists To Be Announced
3.  Endorsements (In order to vote at this endorsement meeting you must have joined the
VID by December 14, 2012).

    • Female District Leader
    • Male District Leader
    • Delegates and Alternates To The NYS Judicial Convention

See the attached  VID Candidate Forum and Endorsement Schedule  for the offices of  Mayor, District Attorney, Pubic Advocate, City Council and Borough President.  For a complete rundown of VID Candidate Forums and endorsement meetings (including membership deadlines) read ______________  

4.  Report of Committee Chairs

  • Campaign- Peter Crosta & David Kruger
  •  Fundraising- Marti Speranza- marti@martisperanza.com
  • Nadine Hoffmann- Nade43@aol.com
  • Technology- Nat Johnson & Lucia Fedora
  • Voter Registration/Community Outreach- Celia Wu
  • Earth Day Committee- Georgina Christ

5.  Resolutions

6.  New Business

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