Dec 122017

VID had a very busy November.  Polling, poll watching, GOTV – here and elsewhere, and phone-banking consumed most Club members.


Busy November_Virginia Election

Polls in Virginia and in New York drenched but victorious.

Our busy November began with a bus trip to Virginia, coordinated by Jen Hoppe with the usual cookie sustainance from Keen Berger.  Tony Hoffmann congratulated the Election Committee and VID Members  on their incredible performance. November 7th, even though in the world of excitement, this year’s election was not near the top (in NYC).  The weather in the morning was cold and in the evening, it rained.  Laurie Hardjowirogo, Ed Yutkowitz, Elissa Stein, Irene Kaufman, Jen Hoppe, and Erik Coler led the pack.

The Voter Reform committee’s Laurie Hardjowirogo was very happy to announce that the three candidates she campaigned for upstate all won.  Where Indivisible groups were active, results were good; where they weren’t, results were not so good.  The second phone bank for upstate second home owners got many people to re-register, and a few went to the True Blue Summit, in late October  There was still a lack of transparency with the DNC, and she was concerned that millennials, who will outnumber baby boomers in 2020, are mainly registering as Independents.

A rally on November 13 at Cuomo’s office on Fifth Avenue urged him to stop the Williams Pipeline and commit to transitioning NYS to renewable energy.  

Paul Newell reported on the County Committee where certain reforms were pushed at the September meeting, with seven resolutions proposed.  Five were straightforward rules changes, but the seventh one, regarding Keith Wright, was quite controversial.  It called for Keith to resign one of his positions, County Leader or lobbyist.  A Rules Committee has been convened and will meet in three months, which has never been done before–most meetings are held every six months.  He urged anyone interested in proposing rules changes to let Keen know–he said we can convene a new meeting, and he feels we will win.  The Democratic party must be set up to be open to outside groups and other activists.

Assemblyman Deborah Glick spoke, advising everyone of her seminar on climate change held November 28 at the New School.  She also spoke of her proposal of an enhanced TAP for private colleges.

The November meeting featured a discussion of Mt Sinai/BethIsreal Hospital;  Judy Wessler and Anthony Feliciano represented the community–Mt. Sinai/Beth Israel declined to attend, saying they had already spoken enough on the issue.  Jonathan Geballe had put together a resolution re Beth Israel.  There was a discussion, and Tony Hoffmann recommended putting together a committee comprised of Susan Gottesman, Zella Jones, Alec Pruchnicki, Marlene Nadle, and Judy Wessler and Anthony Feliciano.  They will meet before the next membership meeting.  This passed unanimously. SEE THE FINAL RESOLUTION.

Again, a substitute amendment re Executive Committee members running for Judicial Candidate positions at a different club, saying the amendment that passed was meaningless.  Susan proposed tabling this to the Executive Committee meeting.  This passed with 25 for and one abstention.  It will be re-introduced at the December meeting.

There was an election for two new Executive Committee members to fill two vacancies.  The candidates (and election results) were Deb Sherman (22 votes), Irene Kaufman (19 votes), Yvonne Sherwell (9 votes), and Cam Krause (2 votes).  So, the new members are Deb Sherman and Irene Kaufman.

Rounding out the busy November schedule, Laurie announced a November 16 phone bank against the IDC.

Here are the FULL MINUTES of the Nov. 9th, 2017 General Meeting.

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Sep 092013

VID CalendarVID September Calendar Dates to Save:

Sept. 9, Monday, Canvassing,  8:00-9:30 am- 8th Ave. & 14th St.

Sept. 9, Monday, Phone Banking, 5:30-8:30 pm, 130 Jane Street, 1C

Sept 10, Tuesday, 6:00 am-9:00 pm Primary Day

Sept. 16, Monday, 6:00 pm NY County Dem Party County Comm. Mtg.- SVA 333 West 23rd St.

Sept. 17, Tuesday, 6:00 pm 1st Judicial District Democratic Convention

Sept 19, Thursday, 6:30 pm- VID General Membership Meeting- 83 Christopher  St.

Sept. 23, Monday, 6:30 pm- VID Executive Comm. Mtg. 26 Perry St.

Sept. 23, Monday, 6:00-9:00 pm- Jerry Nadler fundraiser- Pier 66- 26th St.

Oct. 1, Tuesday, 6:00 am-9:00 pm- Runoff election (if necessary)

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Sep 072011
District Leaders Brad Hoylman and Keen Berger with Assemblymember Deborah Glick

District Leaders Brad Hoyllman and Keen Berger with Assemblymember Deborah Glick at PS3 in 2006

From: Brad Hoylman and Keen Berger, your District Leaders

Thanks to the wonderful petitioners, most of the 66th Assembly District has no Democratic Primary on September 13. That means we will be your District Leaders for two more years. We are very grateful.
Of all the 62 Election Districts on the 66th, Part A (our turf), only six will be open for voting on Primary day, Sept. 13.

County Committee – 073/66, vote for 3

Votes at the Brittany–VID endorsed Tom Connor and Teresa Hommel.

Harriet Fields, 644 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Mary Ann Brady, 31 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003
Tom Connor, 39 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003–advocate for Seniors, among others.
Teresa Hommel. 10 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003–advocate for better voting procedures, and many community issues.
The next two, vote at PS 3

County Committee 87th Election district [vote for 2]
Irene Kaufman–40 Perry Street, NY, NY 10014. Endorsed by VID. Irene is a tireless and brilliant advocate for better, and less crowded schools.
Peter Falk
Yelena Falk

County Committee – 083/66. Vote for 2
[County Committee] 83th Election District The VID endorsed Joseph DiMattia.
Andrew D. Macvicar, 59 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10011
Sylvia DiPietro, 55 West 14th Street, 4H, New York, NY 10011
Joseph Dimattia, 156 Sullivan Street, 21, New York, NY 10012

There is also a Civil Court race(3rd District) in the north side of our district. Three of our EDs are involved: 102, 103 (voting at the LGBT center), and 116 (which votes at PS 70). This race is between Tony Cannataro and Sabrina Kraus. VID endorsed Tony Cannataro as did the New York Times.

Immediately downtown (66th Part B) all the EDs have a District Leader race between David Reck(incumbent, husband of VID, v.p., Eli Hausknecht) and John Scott. Many VID people will be involved.

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