Jul 192018

VID Goes on Record Against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

At the July Membership Meeting VID introduced and passed a resolution against Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy calling upon the Democratic leadership to enable seven steps for correction.

The entire resolution (below) has been approved for distribution.

Whereas the Trump administration has imposed a cruel and inhumane “zero tolerance” policy towards asylum-seekers and other immigrants on America’s southern border, 

Whereas the administration has secretly created detention centers that are virtual prisons for thousands of adults and children, where mental, physical, emotional, and social abuse is rampant,

Whereas the administration has put thousands of adults and children into legal limbo,

Whereas the administration has separated children from their parents and siblings, which has been found to be traumatic child abuse by the consensus of developmental psychological professionals,

Whereas the administration refuses to reveal to the public of humanitarian organizations the location, living conditions, numbers, ages, or any other information whatsoever regarding the affected adults and children, particularly regarding young girls,

Therefore, be it resolved, that Village Independent Democrats calls for:

  1. The national Democratic leadership to unite on a set of principles and corresponding legislation to resolve the current crisis caused by the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy;
  2. Democrats to be open to consideration of any bill that reflects humanitarian concerns and principles;
  3. Democrats at both the local and national level to work with social service, human rights, and religious organizations to organize marches and demonstrations that allow media entrance to detention facilities, even if that means confrontation with law enforcement personnel;
  4. Democrats to praise religious and social service organization for their efforts on behalf of detainees, and urge them to speak out even more publicly against the administration’s current policies.
  5. The opening of detention facilities to inspection by independent, reputable social service, medical, and mental health organizations and the media;
  6. The opening of detention facilities to inspection by independent, reputable social service organization and the media;
  7. The continuation of and increase in due process rights for those affected by these policies.
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