Mar 312017

Endorsement Meeting_MembersGeneral Membership & Endorsement Meeting

Thursday, April 13th, 6:30 pm
St. John’s Lutheran Church
83 Christopher St.

1.  President’s Report
2.  Elected Officials
3.  District Leaders
4.  Committee Reports

  •    Voter Reform Committee – Laurie Hardjowirogo
  •    Environmental Committee – Nat Johnson
  •    Gala Committee – Nadine Hoffmann / Nancy Shamban
  •    Campaign Committee – Tony Hoffmann & Laurie Hardjowirogo
  •    Affordable Housing – Erik Coler

5. Endorsement of City Council & District Leaders
    City Council District 1
    City Council District 2
    City Council District 3
    District Leaders – 66th AD, Part A

6.  New Business
7.  Adjournment



Each City Council Race will be provided with 15 mins of total discussion.
– One minute per person to speak in favor of voting in favor of a candidate, against a candidate, or no endorsement for the race as a whole.

Each District Leader Race will be provided with 10 mins of total discussion.
– One minute per person to speak in favor of voting in favor of a candidate, against a candidate, or no endorsement for the race as a whole.

*Simple majority of all votes cast is the winner.  If no winner top two have a runoff. On second vote If nobody has a majority, or if no endorsement has a majority, then no endorsement is the position of the club.

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    Mar 252017

    There are Three Simple Steps to Find Out If You Live in a Rent Stabilized Apartment

    Here’s how to find out if you are rent stabilized.

    1.  Request your Rent History

     You can get your rental history from the New York Department of Homes and Community Renewal (DHCR) you can do so by…

    • Going to the website and requesting your history
    • Calling the DHCR and requesting a rental history (212) 480 – 6700

    2.  Receive your Rent History

    The DHCR will send you your apartment’s Rental History. Your landlord will never be notified of the request for your history

    3.  Bring to our Community Meeting

    Bring your Rental History to the Community Meeting on April 11th, Tuesday, April 11th @ 6:30pm, at Tony Dapolito Recreation Center – 1 Clarkson St. (Top floor – Community Room)  MAP

    OR contact us directly and we will walk you through the process – President@VillageDemocrats.Org

    Rent Stabilized_ProPublica

    Source: Evictions data from the New York City Public Advocate’s Office. Rent stabilization data derived from the New York City Department of Finance and Building footprints from NYC OpenData. Additional property data provided by Rentlogic.

    More Background for Rent Stabilized Status

    Meet the NYC Tax Break That Could Save You From Eviction Or A Big Rent Hike
    by Cezary Podkul , ProPublica, July 6, 2016

    A property tax benefit known as J-51 can mean the difference between a rent freeze and a sharp increase. Here is how to find out if your building qualifies.

    Thousands of landlords in New York City are being told to give tenants new, rent-regulated leases because of a tax break they received. That means their apartments will be subject to city-set rent limits, and some tenants might be able to recover past overcharges. Rent limits would apply even to apartments that lease for more than $2,700 a month – the usual cutoff for the regulation known as “rent stabilization.”

    Due to an error by state officials, rent limits on tens of thousands of New York City apartments were improperly removed. Now, 20 years later, the state is relying on landlords to fix that problem. 

    Read the article and link directly to other authoritative sources.


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      Mar 192017

      We need your help this Monday, March 20th. 

      Defeat New 421a Legislation_formCall your representatives to defeat new 421a legislation.

      You will find their numbers below;  tell them that you are against the proposed renewal of 421a.

      1. The 421-a tax break benefits developers of luxury housing and provides little affordable housing. 
      2. We object to 421-a causing the loss of government funds that could be better used on housing programs that provide more affordable housing and better maintenance for public housing.
      3. We oppose the proposal to extend these 421-a tax breaks to 35 years when previously they were 10 to 25 years.

      A thorough analysis can be found at ANHD

      Let your representative know that we are asking them to defeat new 421a legislation! 

      Gov. Cuomo

      Mayor de Blasio

      City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito
      212-788-7210 or 212-788-6960

      Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

      Senate Majority Leader John Flanigan

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        Mar 112017

        VID on the Move with Voter Outreach, Environmental Action, Restoring Rent-Stabilized Tenants and our Club’s Flag atop Kilimangaro

        VID on the move-WSP

        #DAYWITHOUTAWOMAN at Washington Square Park.  VID members among the thousands.   See NBC Coverage here

        VID on the move in another active week for Democrats.  Members have stepped up with energetic Committee initiatives on Voter Outreach, Campaigns, Environmental Action and a very aggressive move to restore J51 tenant’s rent-stabilized status.  There is a full report from Laurie Hardjowirogo on the Voter Outreach Committee page.  Currently the focus is on 19th Congressional District (Dutchess County) where Republican, John Faso will be running for re-election.  Please note the dates on the calendar when you can assist in turning New York’s 19th Congressional District blue.  

        The Campaign Committee is holding its first meeting Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 6:30 PM at 26 Perry Street.  The agenda will address Candidate Nights, the first is scheduled for April 5th, 2017; Club Endorsement nights. April 13th and May 11th, 2017; County Committee candidates and petitioning.

        VID on the Move_Environment

        Frieda Bradlow delivers Environment Committee agenda

        Frieda Bradlow reports that the Environment Committee has set its agenda this year on six topics:

        1. Sustainable Energy
        2. Curbside Collection of Organic Waste for Composting  – with emphasis on West Village locations
        3. Closing Indian Point Nuclear Plant 
        4. Hazardous Pipelines 
        5. Noise Pollution
        6. Plastic Bag and Styrofoam Elimination From Our Waste Stream  – see “State Senate Takes Aim at Plastic Bag Fee in New York City

        The Housing Committee will report soon on their efforts to preserve current rent-stabilized units.

        VID on the move - Kilimangaro

        Erik Coler atop Mt. Kilimangaro with VID Flag

        And, Congratulations to our President Erik Coler for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft), the tallest mountain in Africa, and he brought the VID flag with him flown on the mountain as a present to the club (Donated to the VID Clubhouse).

        Full Meeting Minutes HERE

        As you will note we have added a Committee tab to our menu.  You can check in on any of them, join them or help with an event by choosing their topic on the drop-down menu.

        And don’t forget to check into VID’s new FaceBook page…or join our FaceBook Group page.  Bulletins and worthy reads galore.

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