Feb 232017

The planned DNC Candidate Endorsement at our February General Membership Meeting was cancelled due to a blizzard.

We were disappointed that we were unable to have a membership meeting due to the weather in order to make a DNC Candidate endorsement as a Democratic club. However, the VID Executive Committee felt that this election is too important not to voice our opinion.  As a result, after background research, much deliberation and discussion the Executive Committee endorsed Keith Ellison with the following resolution:

Whereas, the scheduled and advertised endorsement meeting of the Village Independent Democrats (VID) regarding the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was canceled because of a blizzard, and

Whereas, the DNC will choose a chair before the next general VID meeting, and

Whereas, the VID is dedicated to a vibrant and effective Democratic party, both locally and nationally,

Whereas, the members of the Village Independent Democrats executive committee have considered the candidates for DNC chair by studying their websites and viewing other forums at which they spoke, and

Whereas, members of the VID Executive Committee have voted regarding all 10 candidates for this position,

Therefore, the VID Executive Committee strongly supports Keith Ellison for the next DNC chair. His plan as Chair would revitalize both the states and national Democratic parties, build a stronger Democratic platform, and focus on a grassroots approach.


You can review the candidates qualifications and the process to be followed in this thorough National Public Radio piece or in this updated CNN coverage.

DNC candidate endorsement

From left: Democrats Keith Ellison, Jaime Harrison, Tom Perez and Pete Buttigieg are competing to become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. Other candidates include Sally Boynton Brown and Jehmu Green.  Photograph:  NorthCountryPublicRadio.org

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    Feb 092017

    Due to snow conditions, tonight’s, February 9th, Meeting cancelled.

    VID President, Erik Coler, announced the meeting cancelled and delivered the following message to our list of members and friends:

    Meeting CancelledUnfortunately, due to the storm today, the conditions, and overall ability to get to our meeting we will have to cancel tonight’s endorsement meeting.  We will try to reschedule the meeting.

    Thank you to all the candidates who were planning on participating and thank you to everyone who planned to join tonight. 

    Also, don’t forget if you haven’t signed up already to join us this Saturday for our Day of Action!

    Rain or Snow, we will be out there organizing people in the fight against TRUMP!

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      Feb 032017

      February General Meeting

      Thursday, February 9th, 2017 
      St. John’s Lutheran Church Annex
      83 Christopher Street – 6:30 PM


      Make Sure to check out our facebook page and join our event Saturday Feb.11th as we organize the village against Donald Trump!  Click Here


      February General Meeting_women's-march

      VID gathers at Union Square, Jan. 21st, getting final instructions from Erik Coler

       President’s Report  – Erik Coler

            I. Woman’s March (Update) – see also Villager Coverage
           II. Feb. 11th, Anti-Trump Day of Action  

      Committee Reports

            –  Voting Reform (Chair: Laurie Hardjowirogo)
                 Next Meeting: To be Announced

            –  Environmental Committee (Chair: Nat Johnson)
                 Next Meeting: Feb. 21st @ 6pm

            –  Affordable Housing (Chair: Erik Coler)
                 Next Meeting: Feb. 18th @ 2pm 

            – Gala Committee (Chairs: Nanacy Shamban/Nadine Hoffmann)
                 Next Meeting: To Be Announced

            – Election Committee (Chairs: Laurie Hardjowirogo/Tony Hoffmann) 
                 Next Meeting: March 14th @ 6pm

      Elected Officials Report

      DNC Endorsement Vote

      The Village Independent Democrats will be make an endorsement (or no endorsement) of the DNC Chairperson.
      (A separate email with bio/issues on candidates to follow)

      Candidate’s list
      Keith Ellison | Tom Perez | Jaime Harrison | Sally Boynton Brown | Ray Buckley
      | Pete Buttigieg | Juhmu Greene | No Endorsement (This will be if we decide not to endorse anyone)

      – Candidates, or representatives, or speakers on their behalf will have 5 to 10 mins to speak (depending on the number of finalized candidates), and 10 mins to answer questions.
      – The membership will have 20 mins of comments after the speakers are finished
      – Members in good standing for more then 3 months will be able to vote

      3.  New Business

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